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About Actors Audition Studios and Lar Park Lincoln

Who Am I ?

I am a go-getter, dream creator, ninja-action-oriented career coach for actors and speakers! I’m on a mission to help others define, reach, and surpass their goals!


You may know me from my role as the “the one you loved to hate” on Knots Landing, a fierce femme fatale of 90210, the telekinetic teen that battles the evil forces in Friday the 13th pt. 7, my appearances on Oprah or Entertainment Tonight, or as an energetic celebrity guest host on the QVC shopping network!

What I do:

It’s my passion to work with actors, speakers, coaches, and authors to create their best work and soar to success. As a person who understands just how rewarding it is to live out your wildest dreams, it’s equally rewarding for me to help others reach theirs .

That’s why I’m here! To guide, coach, cheerlead, and skyrocket you to Super Stardom in your chosen field! Let me be the extra set of expert eyes and let my 40 years of on-camera experience coach you and train you to excel!


I am the creator of Audition and On-Camera training that redefines how acting and speaking is taught. It is different from any other coaching method and works, works every time, and gets you faster results than sitting in ANY film or college course of study! 

Why I do it:

Having coached many actors for auditions, I became frustrated and exhausted at the poor auditions I was seeing. I saw really creative and excellent actors lose audition after audition when I could see they had awesome talent and were Super Stars ready to shine. Bad actors work all the time! What was their secret and what had been MY secret to getting cast as the star of so many shows? 

I stepped out of the traditional acting lesson zone used for decades and created my program. Yes, It was controversial, yes it was different and yes, it works! It wasn't easy for me to declare the methods taught "outdated" and "non productive". But I forged on. My actors started working! And working in BIG shows, nailing speaking roles, getting terrific agents, and making their careers happen! 

Speakers started booking more talks, wannabe authors started getting books completed, and I knew I was making a difference!

I realized most (if not all) actors, those who desire to speak or have a public platform or gain “celebrity” in their field had talent, drive, and ambition - they just didn’t know how to “make it happen”. 

They had seen others “make it,” but thought that they needed yet another acting class, another weekend workshop to nowhere, a better agent, to live in Los Angeles, to be union, to be prettier, skinner, taller, luckier to pull it off… When all they were missing was a step-by-step proven technique to get their performances seen by those who make the decisions! Casting directors, agents, directors, and producers!

I understand just how important it is to want a creative, “out of the box” career and how difficult the world can seem to make it achievable! I’ve done it and you can too! You can win at both life and the biz.


My reason for being your mentor, is simple, really:

To take the overwhelm and the mystery out of "stars in your eyes" and take you to "your name in lights!" 

How I do it:

My core values are really simple:

  • Integrity above all

  • Each actor is unique and needs a program designed to their needs and goals

  • I only work with those that are coachable and desire results.

  • Your success is my success

  • Over deliver with valuable training and care

  • My word is my bond.

There it is. Now you know who I am, what I do, why I do it, and how I do it (sort of).

So, I just have one question for you: 

What are you waiting for?

Meet Our Team

Becka Rose

Studio Assistant

Jack of all trades, member of all unions, and fantastic scene partner!

Piper Lincoln

Studio Assistant

Web design, audition edits, casting site set-up...she can get your online presence perfect!

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