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  • What is the difference between career coaching and traditional acting classes?
    My classes can work along side and with all acting methods. The focus here, however, is to master the complicated auditions and to effortlessly perform under difficult and unnatural conditions and settings, specifically within the camera’s range. Traditional acting classes usually do not have the time to spend on individual technical and career advice. I focus on learning to quickly break down a scene, creating strong choices and transitions for the on-camera audition. I often advise my students to continue their study with an acting teacher. My methods of on-camera immersion provide immediate results! You will learn very quickly how to improve your performance. You will become very comfortable in front of the lens. Distractions will not knock you off your game. While many acting classes may tape your performance, we review the scenes, rework it and redo it, if I don’t send you home to review your work. You have to come to me for coaching and I will coach you through not only the preparation of the scene, but also the completed scene itself. We work to find the hidden jewels within the dialogue and create magic! Because of the small classes and the nature of the coaching relationship, I am able to help you in many areas an acting teacher cannot.
  • How do I get started?
    This is the most often asked question and the one that confuses people the most! To get started in acting or modeling, you need a few core tools. You can take classes just for fun, to build confidence or practice school or business presentations. To take it to a working professional level, you will need professional headshots and a resume. You will also need to study acting and audition techniques.
  • What should I start doing first?
    There is no set-in-stone order of creating this career. You must have the correct tools to be competitive. You are your own “store” and the product you sell is you! In effect, you are your own producer and fan club! You need headshots, resumes and classes. You don’t have to do it all at once! You will need to find an agent also. I go into this area in great detail in class and in my book.
  • What tools do I need to get started?
    Headshots, resumes and a professional email address to start marketing are important tools. The standard email is if at all possible. Do not use silly personal email addresses. Casting directors won’t laugh and they don’t have the time to look you up! If your name isn’t in the mail title, you will be hard to reach quickly.
  • How do I get a headshot?
    I have photographers I can recommend in several different areas of the country. If you are brand new to the business, I have on-set coaching where I will design your wardrobe several days in advance and coach you through your shoot with the photographer. I also help you edit the many photos to get the perfect 3 or 4 shots to use. Each agent and city has its own “style” that they prefer. You won’t have a wasted shoot if I design it!
  • How do I get an agent?
    You can perform at showcases that agents attend and may catch the eye of one. Please do not spend large amounts of money on showcases – if you have questions, just call your coach! You will send your headshot and resume with a short cover letter to the agents and you may be what they need. Almost every agent now requires a demo reel prior to meeting you in person. We produce very nice reels for actors that don’t have any actual footage to use.
  • Are actor and model searches scams or are they real?
    Both. Some are very good and some are nothing more than scams. If you are pressured to enroll for a seminar “because all the important people will be there” or asked to pay large sums of money, think twice. If they have to “accept” you and you are asked to pay to take classes and photos before attending, beware.
  • Can you really teach someone to act?
    I can teach anyone to look good on camera, speak well and with passion. Some talent is natural and we tweak the technical areas. Most actors spend years in classes learning how to look like they’re not acting! When it looks easy, you need to know many years of training probably went into that actor’s career! I feel that if you really want to be an actor or model, you will find a way. My first agent turned me down 8 times! You must have nerves of steel and be very confident. I can help you learn to achieve these goals. No one can promise you they can make you an actor or model or star. To model, you need to learn to walk and shoot well and understand the industry as it is different than acting. You usually will choose to have an agent. I traveled all over Japan and Europe modeling.
  • What do we cover in Private Lessons?
    Privates are two fold. The goal is to teach you my signature on-camera method, The Autograph, for auditions, cold reads, and speaking. Developed over 20 years, I used to teach it on a quarterly basis for 3 days but found I need all actors on the techniques as soon as possible. It is not just sides preparation and reading, but the core of my method for fast tracking auditions, getting callback ratios raised, and roles booked. I cover many techniques for making your auditions amazing! However, if you have auditions that we need to prep or shoot, we get those done also. My programs are individual so if there is an area you must master, we focus there.
  • Can I talk to any previous or current students?
    Of course! My clients are awesome and I have never had to give back tuition in over 20 years. There is a wide range of ages and levels and length of time studying with me for you to talk with and I welcome it! For phone numbers or emails of current students, please request these by email at OR
  • Can I sit in on a class to see if I will like it?
    I don’t allow audits. It is your time when in class, and I have never been comfortable with having a visitor observe and it feel like I am “selling” to someone in a class. I coach so much information in so little time that I don’t offer it as complimentary audit. I do such detailed consultations, like the one we may have done, and my experience level is usually enough for someone to make a decision to work with me. I don’t take everyone and not everyone is a good fit for me. I am a “tell it like it is” coach and I don’t take “problem” students or those only looking for a “fun hobby class.” It’s a marriage of sorts, and trust must be built in order for you to trust me to guide your career!
  • How do I get more information?
    Great question! You can either contact me directly HERE, or you can check out my book that has a TON of other information on getting started. Click HERE to go to the Amazon page.
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